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Funding Volume History (EUR)

Rendity Funding Volumes

The funding volume of Rendity in August 2021 was €3.93m, an increase of 86.53% compared to the same month last year. The current P2PMarketData ranking is #35, with a total funding volume of €70.83m since launching in October 2015. During the last 12 months the platform has funded €35.17m, an average of €2.93m every month. This is an increase of 78.08% compared to having funded €19.75m during the previous 12 months.

Rendity Statistics

Total Funding Volume €70.83m
Avg. Monthly Funding Volumes 12 months €2.93m
12 Months Low €1.88m
12 Months High €3.99m
Market Dominance 0.39%
Market Rank #35