Top 90 Alternative Investment Sites by Funding Volumes

Online Lending and Real Estate Crowdfunding Platforms Worldwide

* Listed refers to the public traded stock companies whom because of regulatory restrictions only report to the market in their quarterly reports
+ Refers to platforms having more than one business area, the main area of the crowdinvesting type is displayed
**The publicly noted Funding Circle has not delivered Quarterly reports for 2020 to the market.

December 2020 Funding Volume: $1.205.456.286

Last updated dataset: 31th December 2020

The data published at P2P Market Data is either reported directly to us by the P2P platforms or come from data published by the platforms themselves. However, we never publish data before doing our utmost to control that the figures given are correct. We are therefore in an ongoing dialogue with most platforms. We update the volume of both P2P Lending and P2P Equity once a month. This means we are dependent on the platforms updating their volume in time, which may cause some inconsistencies. Every number is updated as of the last day in the last month and if we are lacking data from a platform this will always be clearly marked with **.