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Last updated in December 2022.

What is Swaper?

Swaper Platform OÜ PLC, launched in 2016, based in Estonia, operates a marketplace lending platform that offers investments in loan receivables. Swaper allows European investors to access the markets for short-term unsecured consumer loans in Central and Eastern Europe. A total of 5615 investors have invested 341.0M since Swapers launch, earning an advertised annual return of up to 16%. Head over to Swaper statistics for more valuable performance insights.

Key Takeaways

  • In 2021, Swaper reported revenue of €2.147 million and a gross profit margin of 28.17%.
  • Swaper offers two main investment types: easy (automated) investing and custom investing.
  • Investors in the Swaper Loyalty Bonus program, can earn an advertised annual return of up to 16%.

How Investing on Swaper Works

Swaper is a P2P lending platform that allows users to invest in unsecured consumer loans issued by Wandoo Finance Group lending companies in Poland and Spain. To invest, users must be residents of an EU or EEA country with a bank account in said country. The minimum investment amount is €10, and the platform offers two main investment types: easy investing and custom investing.

Easy investing is a pre-set option that automatically invests in loans based on specific criteria, while custom investing allows the user to configure their own investment settings. Investment features on Swaper include the option for automated investing through the creation of auto-invest portfolios and a secondary market for buying and selling loan claims.

Auto-Invest Portfolio investment criteria include setting the range of interest rates, the maximum amount per loan, the loan term in months, and the portfolio size and term. Users can also choose countries, loan statuses, originators, and types, as well as whether to include buyback options.

Swaper Returns & Fees

Since Swaper launched, a total of 5615 investors have invested around €341.0M. The platform offers fixed interest rates and a loyalty bonus for investors who meet certain criteria. Investors who invest over €5000 for at least three consecutive months, are automatically granted Swaper Loyalty Bonus, and will receive an additional +2% interest for new investments. Allowing investors to earn up to 16% interest rate on all new investments in Wandoo Finance loans!

If a borrower misses a payment, they are given the option to either make a full payment or extend the loan for 30 days. If they are late on their payments for more than 60 days, Swaper and its loan originators provide a buyback on claim rights, which compensates the investor for the invested principal and accrued interest in accordance with the assignment agreement. If no payment is made, the loan originator will begin debt collection efforts. If these efforts are unsuccessful, the loan originator may decide to pursue the collection of the debt in court.

Investors on Swaper may incur money transfer fees for accounts not opened in either Euro or GBP and a payment processing fee for transactions made on the platform and for processing payments.

Swaper Management

Swaper Platform OÜ, was founded by Marina Tjulinova, who stepped down as a board member for Swaper in 2020. Today Indrek Puolokainen is Swaper’s CEO, and Marina Tjulinova serves as Head of Operations. As CEO, Indrek focuses on growing the business, building partnerships, and representing the company. Marina maintains connections with loan originators and business partners, while also helping to manage financial and legal matters. The leadership team also includes Zane Ziedone as Head of Legal and Compliance, and Kadi Kivi as Customer Onboarding Specialist.

The CEO, Indrek Puolokainen is listed as the sole Board Member for Swaper on the Estonian Business Register; however, founder Marina Tjulinova maintains control of Swaper under direct ownership, having increased her initial contribution to €100 000 in 2022.

In 2021, Swaper's revenues reached €2.147 million as a result of commission income charged to loan originators and its gross profit margin was 28.17%. The company generated a net profit of €114,478. Swapers total reported assets for 2021 were €14.08M, with €13.47M in liabilities.

Special Considerations

If Swaper were to go out of business, the assignment agreements that govern investors' claim rights against borrowers will remain in place.

Swaper is not a regulated financial institution and the claim rights it offers are not considered securities or regulated financial instruments.