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Last updated in August 2023.

What is Robocash?

Robocash is an investment platform and a branch of the ‘Robocash Group’ specializing in, as the website remarks, ‘robotic financial technologies’. The Robocash investment platform is located in Croatia and re-sells loans from its own set of loan originators of the group headquartered in Singapore. With hubs based in Spain, Kazakhstan, Sri Lanka, Singapore, and the Philippines, the network is fueled by a multinational consumer base. Based on the funding volumes reported to P2PMarketData the platform claims to have funded more than €670m of unsecured consumer loans by more than 30,000 investors since its inception in 2017.

Key Takeaways

  • Investment platform for buying loans from the Robocash Group
  • 30-day buyback guarantee with accrued interest
  • Investments from as low as $10 in unsecured loans with interest rates from 8% to 13%

How Robocash Works

Robocash offers a range of unsecured consumer loans, including short-term, Buy-Now-Pay-Later, and salary loans. The company’s model revolves around automation, creating hands-free automatic investment options. Loan durations range from 30 days up to 720 days, but most loans are offered on terms between 30-90 days.

Robocash offers a 30-day ‘buyback guarantee’ on most loans, so the platform will buy back and repay overdue loans with accrued interest. If the loan originator is not able to honor the buyback guarantee the investment is at risk of total loss. Robocash doesn’t offer borrowers to get a loan directly on the investment platform but utilizes its integrated web of global loan originators to provide a solid global network between borrowers and individual lenders.

Investments can be as low as $10, and the platform offers four different automatic investment strategies: "Balance", "Payout", "Reinvest full amount" and "Reinvest principal amount". Funds can be immediately returned and available for withdrawal upon loan closure or reinvested automatically.

Robocash offers a secondary market enabling investors to sell their loan parts before maturity as long as the investments are not overdue. The platform claims that most loans normally are sold within one week.1

Robocash Returns & Fees

Robocash does not provide any deeper insights into net returns on the platform besides the cumulative paid-out interest of €17,3m since their launch in 2017 together with the nominal interest rates before delays and bad debts.2 The interest rates on loan parts offered range from 8% to 13%. There are a diverse plethora of primary market and secondary market loans available; investors focusing on higher return rates of over 10% seems to be allocated to longer-term loans, whereas the shortest-term 30-day investments typically state a return of around 8%.

The platform does not charge investors any fees at the time of writing but makes its money by charging the borrowers more interest than what is offered to investors. It is unknown how much interest is charged to the borrowers but we will dive into the latest available financials of the company in the section below.

Robocash Management

Behind the Robocash investment platform is the financial holding platform Robocash Group, founded by business mogul Sergey Sedov. Utilizing a strong history in business management, real estate, marketplace lending, and general commerce, Sergey pioneered the Robocash investment platform as a collective guild for uniting the loan originators owned by Robocash Group across Europe and Asia under one roof.

Together with Sergey stands Natalya Ischenko, Robocash's joint CEO. Natalya has more than 20 years of working in the financial sector and consulting well-known financial corporations, progressing quickly through senior management before her latest endeavor with Robocash.

Special Considerations

Robocash launched in 2017, and investors have access to multiple years of annual reports in order to track the overall financial performance of the Robocash Group since 2017. Revenue has grown annually, from $119.7 million in 2021 to nearly $140 million in 2022, with net profit reflecting a positive trend; from -$3.5 million in 2021 to $13.1 million in 2022. The Robocash Group has just above $11m equity and $113.6m assets in 2022.3

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