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Last updated in October 2022.

What is Robocash?

Croatian P2P Lending enterprise Robo.cash is an investment branch from the ‘Robocash Group’; specialising in, as the website remarks, ‘robotic financial technologies’. Instead of the direct funding link often seen with P2P lending platforms, Robocash re-sells loans from its own set of loan originators. With hubs based in Spain, Kazakhstan, Sri Lanka, Singapore and the Philippines, the network is fueled by a multinational consumer base. Robocash has currently funded over $480M in successful loans since its inception in 2017.

Key Takeaways

  • Loan re-seller uniting European alternative lending platforms
  • Buyback guarantee bolsters investor protection against repayment delays
  • Investment from as low as $10 on returns ranging from 8% to 14%

How Investing on Robocash Works

Robocash offers a range of consumer loans, including short-term, BNPL and salary loans. The company’s model revolves around automation, creating hands-free investment options geared around individual parameters. Loan terms can stretch anywhere up to 720 days, but most loans are structured between 30-90 days.

Robocash offers a ‘buyback guarantee’ on most loans, so the platform will buy back and repay overdue loans. Robocash doesn’t fund the loans directly but utilises its own integrated web of global loan originators to provide a solid global network between borrowers and individual lenders.

Investments can be as low as $10, and the platform offers various income options depending on how you wish to utilise returns. Funds can be immediately returned upon loan closure or reinvested automatically.

Robocash Returns & Fees

Robocash does not provide any deeper insights to net returns on the platform. Return rates on debt investments range from 8% to 14%, with most loan durations around 30 days yet some stretching to 720 days. There’s a diverse plethora of commercial and secondary market loans available; investors focusing on higher return rates of over 10% should consider longer-term loans, whereas short-term 30-day investments typically state a return of around 8%. 

The platform also includes bonus incentives, offering refer-a-friend campaigns as well as a loyalty program, translating to a 1% bonus on all loans for topping up your portfolio balance.

Robocash Management

Behind the Robo.cash investment platform is the financial holding platform Robocash Group, founded by business mogul Sergey Sedov. Utilising a strong history in business management, real estate, marketplace lending and general commerce, Sergey pioneered the Robo.cash online platform as a collective guild for uniting the alternative lending hubs owned by Robocash Group across Europe and Asia; under one comprehensive roof.

Behind Sergey stands Natalya Ischenko, Robocash joint CEO. Natalya has more than 20 years of working and consulting with high-end financial conglomerates, progressing quickly through senior management before her latest endeavour with Robocash.

Special Considerations

Robocash launched in 2017, and investors have access to multiple years of financial transparency in order to track the overall profit and platform growth of the Robocash Group since 2016. Revenue has grown annually, from $50 million in H12020 to nearly $215 million in H12022, with net profit reflecting a similarly positive trend; from $5.8 million in H12017 to $29.5 million in H22021, currently in alignment with an FY2022 projection of $33.4 million.