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Last updated in October 2023.

What is Lonvest?

Lonvest, founded in March 2023 by Ukrainian fintech entrepreneur Roman Katerynchyk, is a newly launched lending marketplace. The platform facilitates loans, provided by the Space Crew Finance Group's loan originators, to borrowers in developed and emerging markets. The loan originators specialize in offering short-term, unsecured consumer loans. In the brief period since its establishment, Lonvest has successfully attracted over €370,000 in investments from more than 300 investors.

Key Takeaways

  • Lonvest is a newly founded platform in March 2023 and is open to investors from almost all over the world.
  • The platform offers investments starting from €10 in automated investment strategies with a 60-day buyback guarantee on loans.
  • The current average interest rate is 13.54%, but further information on loan default rates or net performance metrics is not yet available.
  • CEO Roman Katerynchyk is actively engaging in financial discussions, like the Mastermind.fm podcast.

How Lonvest Works

Investors have the opportunity to purchase loans from three loan originators: ClickCredit, OnCredit Vietnam, and OnCredit Sri Lanka, all of which come with a 60-day buyback guarantee. The available debt notes originate from loans issued to borrowers in Poland, Vietnam, and Sri Lanka. Typically, these are short-term loans, with durations of up to 30 days. Manually selecting single investments is not available so investors have to utilize an auto-invest strategy to automatically deploy their funds. With a minimum investment starting at €10, investors worldwide are able to participate. The platform uses the Veriff service for KYC procedures in Vietnam and Sri Lanka, and employs data science and machine learning to develop scoring models for borrower evaluation. Lonvest currently operates from Croatia without a formal license.[1]

Lonvest Returns & Fees

As a newly-established platform, Lonvest possesses a relatively small statistical dataset. However, to date, the average interest rate stands at 13.54%, which includes the €545,000 worth of available loans on the platform.[2] The website does not provide information about the default rate of the loans or the net return performance of the investments. Lonvest does not impose fees on investors, while borrower interest rates and indirect fees remain undisclosed, varying based on the originating company.

Lonvest Management

Lonvest was established by entrepreneur Roman Katerynchyk, now CEO, who has traversed a decade-long journey in the fintech and lending industry, founding profitable companies in countries such as Ukraine, Vietnam, and Sri Lanka. The vital team members encompass Kate Devyatkina (Chief Operating Officer), Nataliya Holyak (Chief Financial Officer and also Director at Space Crew Asia), and Alex Prokopiev (Technical Advisor and CEO of a substantial Ukrainian software company). With a foundation of over 10 years in finance and 15 years in technology, the team merges its expertise to project a proven business model into new international markets.[3]

Special Considerations

The CEO of Lonvest, Roman Katerynchyk, recently participated in an enlightening episode of the Mastermind.fm podcast about Lonvest, where he discussed the complexities and ethical considerations of P2P lending, particularly focusing on consumer loans and financial accessibility in developing nations. Moreover, Roman shared the backstory of why he founded Lonvest after years in fintech, revealing what distinguishes the platform by prioritizing clarity and transparency in the lending sector.[4]

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