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Last updated in May 2024.


VIAINVEST is a peer-to-peer lending platform from Latvia, founded by its parent company, VIA SMS Group, in 2016. Licensed as an investment brokerage firm and supervised by the Central Bank of Latvia, VIAINVEST serves as a bridge connecting investors with borrowers from the company’s loan originators. These originators are subsidiaries of the platform’s parent company, primarily located in Latvia, Sweden, Romania, and the Czech Republic. VIAINVEST offers pools of loans structured as asset-backed securities.[1]

Individuals over 18 who hold citizenship within one of the EEA countries can invest on the platform. Since its launch, VIAINVEST has raised more than €467.30 million, with an average monthly volume of €7.60 million in the last 12 months.[2]

Key Takeaways

  • Investment begins at €50, with select loans offering a buyback guarantee for missed payments exceeding 60 days.
  • Investor funds are held in segregated accounts, safeguarded under the EU Directive, with protection up to €20,000 for uninvested funds.
  • Among the highlighted investments VIAINVEST offers a 12% interest rate.


VIAINVEST connects investors with borrowers across Latvia, Sweden, Romania, and the Czech Republic. It offers investments in bundles of loans originated by lending companies of the VIA SMS Group, all compliant with EU Directive 97/9/EC. Investment starts at €50, with some loans featuring a buyback guarantee if payments are missed for over 60 days. Investor funds are kept in segregated accounts protected under the EU Directive up to €20,000.[3]

Highlighted investments range from €1,350 to €5,000, with loan durations spanning from 150 to 265 days. Interest is paid monthly on a scheduled basis as an amortized loan. VIAINVEST provides an auto-invest feature but does not offer a secondary market. The platform withholds taxes at 5% for EU/EEA residents and 20% for Latvian citizens on interest earned.[4]

VIAINVEST Returns & Fees

Among the highlighted investments, VIAINVEST currently offers a 12% interest rate. The platform has paid back investors more than €12.19 million since its inception but does not provide any information on the historical net returns. VIAINVEST has not disclosed any statistics regarding its delay rate or its default rate.

Investors incur a €2/month fee for inactive accounts, along with a 2% fee or a minimum charge of €30 for failed transfers. Monthly holding fees also apply to unallocated funds. Fundraiser fees are not disclosed and vary based on the loan originator.[5]

VIAINVEST Management

Eduards Lapkovskis is currently the Chairman of the Board at VIAINVEST and a Board Member at VIA SMS Group since 2010. He previously held positions at ABLV Bank and Parex Bank. Tatjana Kulapina, also a Board Member, brings legal and banking experience from ABLV Bank. Alina Gamidova oversees Anti-Money Laundering functions. Aleksandrs Puzdrans is the platform manager, bringing extensive product development experience.

The platform is operated by SIA Viainvest, established in 2016 and based in Riga, Latvia. SIA Viainvest is a wholly-owned subsidiary of its parent company AS VIA SMS group, founded in 2007.[6]

Special Considerations

In 2023, VIA SMS Group facilitated 246,784 loans totaling €71.60 million to over 1.64 million borrowers. The group’s net loan portfolio exceeded €36.85 million, resulting in revenue of €39.50 million.[7]

In October 2023, VIAINVEST left the Polish market after over a decade of facilitating consumer loans.[8] Then, in April 2024, VIAINVEST's parent company shut down its Vietnam venture, VAMO.vn, due to regulatory pressure.[9]

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