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What is Splendit?

Splendit operates a direct marketplace lending platform, which means it operates the "traditional" or "pure" P2P lending model and serves as an online space where borrowers can apply for loans and investors can fund projects. Splendit is run by Switzerlend AG, headquatered in Switzerland. It’s associated with a self-regulatory organisation in Switzerland - PolyReg Self-Regulatory Organisation.

Splendit makes it possible to provide funding to individuals by investing in education loans. You can also apply for funding if you are an individual seeking financing.

What does Splendit offer?

At Splendit, you can invest in projects denominated in CHF starting from CHF500.

Splendit separates investors’ funds from the platform company assets but doesn’t have a wind-down plan in place to ensure minimal damage in case the platform goes out of business. It doesn’t disclose statistics about its funded loans but shares its monthly funding volumes with P2PMarketData.

Who founded Splendit?

Splendit was started in 2015 by Florian Kuebler and Michel Lalive.

Florian has over 15 years of experience. His professional background is mainly in finance, and fintech. Florian has been, for example, a Co-Founder and Board Member of Lend — a swiss p2p lending platform, and an European Head of Corporate Credit Trading at UBS — a global financial services firm. He holds a Master's degree from University of Zurich in Economics.

Michel has over 20 years of experience. His professional background is mainly in fintech, and law. Michel has been, for instance, a Co-Founder and President of the Board of Lend — a swiss p2p lending platform, and a Legal Advisor at UBS — a global financial services firm. He's graduated from University of Zurich in Law.

Splendit Details

Legal Company Name
Switzerlend AG
Main Currency
Swiss Franc (CHF)
Headquarters Location
Founded Date
July 2015
Launch Date
October 2014

How is Splendit regulated?

License Name License Key Regulatory Entity Country
Self-regulated PolyReg Self-Regulatory Organisation Switzerland

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