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What is Nibble?

Nibble runs a resale marketplace lending platform, which means it aggregates pre-funded loans from partner organisations (loan originators) and re-sells them to investors. Nibble is operated by Nibble itsf OÜ, headquatered in Estonia. It's not regulated by any supervisory authority.

Nibble gives you the opportunity to provide funding to individuals by investing in short-term personal loans. Nibble only serves lenders, so you can’t apply for a loan directly on the platform.

What does Nibble offer?

At Nibble, you can make EUR-denominated investments starting from €10. You can also set up an auto-invest feature.

Nibble doesn’t separate investors’ funds from the platform company assets and doesn’t have a wind-down plan in place to ensure minimal damage in case the platform goes out of business. It doesn’t disclose statistics about its funded loans but shares its monthly funding volumes with P2PMarketData.

Who founded Nibble?

Nibble was launched in 2019 by Maxim Pashchenko. Maxim has over five years of experience. His professional background is mainly in entrepreneurship, and fintech. Maxim has been, for example, a Founder of Joymoney — a microlending platform, and a Founder & President of IT Smart Finance — a fintech start-up.

Nibble Details

Legal Company Name
Nibble itsf OÜ
Business ID
Main Currency
Euro (€)
Headquarters Location
Founded Date
October 2019
Launch Date
February 2020

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