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Last updated in July 2022.

What is Letsinvest?

Letsinvest is a relatively new player in the real estate lending market. It launched in 2021 and focuses on property investments in Lithuania. It has funded €7.25m worth of loans to date - see Letsinvest statistics for more historical performance insights.

Key Takeaways

  • Profitable platform from its first year of operation
  • High-quality deals with low LTV and a transparent grading system
  • Returns of approx. 8.7% with zero defaults so far; undisclosed loan performance indicators

Who is Behind Letsinvest?

Vytenis Kinduris is at the steering wheel as the Founder and CEO. He has more than 25 years of experience in international business development and real estate.

The company ownership is split between him and an investment fund (details undisclosed). There have not been any venture capital funding rounds so far.

The company says they made a net profit already in the first year of operation (2021), although financial reports are not publicly available.

Letsinvest's Investment Product

Letsinvest offers short- and mid-term property-secured loans to SMEs and property developers. Loans usually mature in 6-24 months and are always backed with collateral - the underlying residential property. LTV ratios are low and don’t usually exceed 70%. Most loans are structured as bullet loans, but quarterly or monthly interest repayments are also sometimes on offer. The platform assesses the risk rating of each project on a scale from A1 to D3, with clearly defined evaluation criteria.

Letsinvest offers two memberships. The Discovery membership is for retail investors with a minimum investment starting from €100 but limited benefits. The Growth membership has a minimum threshold of €50,000 but offers additional perks, including exclusive deals, higher interest rates, and a personal portfolio manager. There is no auto-invest feature or secondary market (yet).

How Much Can You Earn?

Letsinvest’s CEO Vytenis Kinduris told us that the average return on investments had been 8.7%, and the default rate was 0%. However, the platform doesn’t disclose updated statistics on loan performance. The interest rates vary from 7% to 10%.

The platform doesn’t charge any fees to investors and doesn’t publish its borrower fee structure.

Other Considerations

The platform seems to have successfully attracted high-value retail and institutional investors, with the average portfolio size standing at €37,000 - as shared by Mr Kinduris in the interview with P2PMarketData. He also announced the company expansion plans:

The Lithuanian real estate market is our alma mater, but our goal is to become a pan-European platform. As a result, we will continue strengthening our presence in Lithuania parallel to expanding our services abroad next year.