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Last updated in October 2022.

What is LandlordInvest?

LandlordInvest is an online P2P lending platform based in the UK, founded in 2014 but not officially launched publicly until 2017. Bridging the gap between traditional lending and the new digital frontier, LandlordInvest offers a range of property-orientated debt instruments across the UK. To date, the company has funded a total of £15.97m in loans since the platform’s launch.

Key Takeaways

  • P2P lending platform offering a range of property-orientated loans 
  • First platform offering residentially-tied Innovative Finance ISA
  • An average return rate of 10.46% since the launch

Who is Behind LandlordInvest?

The company was founded by Filip Karadaghi, Nik Smirnovs, and Joseph Vallander; holding executive roles as CEO, CFO, and CTO - binding invaluable experience stretching across investment banking, business and IT infrastructure.

Whilst incorporated in 2014, LandlordInvest attracted its first pre-seed funding in 2017 from O&H properties director Alan Gabbay, whose family is also behind the UK-based property development and investment entity ACAI Group. Venture investor and Founder of Concept Ventures Reece Chowdhry also played a pivotal role as a further angel investor.

The company thrived on the UK’s newly shaped P2P lending market, and assets steadily increased from £0.1M in 2017 to £0.3M in 2020. Revenue growth started to gain real traction in 2021, with profits increasing from £1,809 in 2020 to £67,040.

LandlordInvest's Investment Product

LandlordInvest offers investors a diverse range of property-facing loans from a minimum investment of £1000. The platform was the first P2P lending platform to offer a residential property-tied Innovative Finance ISA - acting as an alternative fund utilising opportunities in commercial and non-commercial property loans. LandlordInvest’s IFISA aims for tax-free annual returns of up to 12%.

Investors can invest in a range of UK-based property projects. Whilst many platforms seem to be orientated around individual offerings, LandlordInvest offers auction, bridging, development and mezzanine finance; connecting the dots for borrowers across the real estate market. Currently, the platform has encountered 4 defaulted loans - all of which have now been fully repaid. 

The company also operates a secondary market, offering investors the chance of early capital access before loan maturity.

How Much Can You Earn?

The company’s home page points to a diverse range of investment options, with returns ranging from 5-12%, depending on an investor’s risk appetite. Since going live in 2017, LandlordInvest has secured an average return rate of 10.46% on all loans completed. More than £1.5M has been earnt by investors since 2017. 

Interest can either be serviced or retained. Service interest is typically paid on a monthly basis whereas retained are paid upon the completion of the loan. Transactions on the platform involve no hidden fees. For an investor’s peace of mind, the company provides complete financial transparency through its website; providing an up-to-date loan book updated monthly.

Other Considerations

When queried on what sets LandlordInvest apart from its UK property investment competitors, company co-founder Filip Karadaghi responded in an interview:

“Our platform has offered higher returns, more experienced and quality borrowers, a liquid secondary market, and transparency as we voluntarily publish a loan book each month with details of every completed loan since we began trading. We also lead the innovation on the tech front, where many new developments implemented on our lending platform, have not too long after appeared on competitor platforms.”