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Danube Angels

Rank #66
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Logo of Danube Angels
Danube Angels
Rank #66
  • Funded Since April 2017
  • Minimum Investment
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  • Auto Invest
  • Secondary Market
  • Ring Fence
  • Wind Down Plan
  • Regulated

Danube Angels Statistics

Total Funding Volume €2.12m
October 2021 Funding Volume €0.004m
vs. October 2020
Avg. Monthly Funding Volume 12 months €0.08m
12 Months Low €0.00m
12 Months High €0.28m
Market Dominance 0.01%
Market Rank #66

Funding Volume History (EUR)

About Danube Angels

Legal Company Name
Danube Angels GmbH
Business ID
Main Currency
Country of Origin
at Austria
Established Date
August 2017
Launch Date
April 2017
Why is the established date of Danube Angels's company posterior to the platform's launch date?

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