Raising funds

Raising funds for yourself, your business or a charity organisation

Image of part ownership in Real Estate Crowdfunding
Raising funds
Real Estate Crowdfunding
The Ultimate Guide to Real Estate Crowdfunding: Everything You Need to Know
What are the benefits for real estate developers and investors? How does real estate crowdfunding work. Here is the ultimate guide about real estate crowdfunding for both beginners and experts!
Jonas Schmidt   •   February 8th, 2021
Image of litigation crowdfunding
Raising funds
What is Litigation Crowdfunding?
Not a long time ago, crowdfunding was a niche associated mostly with local charities or struggling rock bands. Today it is possible to crowdfund a court case through litigation crowdfunding. But how exactly does litigation crowdfunding work?
Jan Bednorz   •   September 2nd, 2020
Image of a man getting a P2P Business Loan in the UK
Raising funds
How to Get a P2P Loan for Your UK Business
How to get a loan for your UK business through peer-to-peer lending. P2P loans are a nice alternative to traditional bank lending with faster response time and potential ambassador building capabilities. Thorough guide on getting a P2P Loan in UK.
Jan Bednorz   •   July 28th, 2020
Image of an entrepreneur with a reward crowdfunding campaign
Raising funds
Reward Crowdfunding Explained
Reward crowdfunding is a very popular way for startups and entrepreneurs to receive the necessary capital in order to initialize the first steps of getting a business up and running. This is mostly done by pre-selling a product to fund the campaign.
Jonas Schmidt   •   April 20th, 2020
Image of a donation crowdfunding campaign
Raising funds
Fundraising with Donation Crowdfunding
Donation-based crowdfunding has proved an efficient way for small charities to not only raise funds for charitable causes but also to broaden their network and create awareness about their organization. This article takes you through all aspects.
Jonas Schmidt   •   April 15th, 2020
Funding by a crowd explanation
Raising funds
Crowdfunding Explained: The Ultimate Crowdfunding Guide
Crowdfunding is an industry in rapid growth all over the world, with great potential for both fundraisers and funders. Crowdfunding is the way of raising funds from the public for either a business, an individual, a project, or a campaign.
Jonas Schmidt   •   November 24th, 2019