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What is OurMoneyMarket?

OurMoneyMarket runs a balance sheet lending platform, which means it acts a bit like an informal bank (or a non-bank credit intermediary) - it originates and actively funds loans, fully or partially, and retains them on their balance sheet. OurMoneyMarket is operated by OurMoneyMarket Lending Pty Ltd, headquatered in Australia.

OurMoneyMarket gives you the opportunity to provide funding to individuals by investing in personal loans, car loans, education loans, and short-term personal loans. You can also apply for funding if you are an individual seeking financing.

What does OurMoneyMarket offer?

At OurMoneyMarket, you can make AUD-denominated investments starting from $2,001.

OurMoneyMarket doesn’t disclose statistics about its funded loans and does not share its monthly funding volumes with P2PMarketData.

OurMoneyMarket Details

Legal Company Name
OurMoneyMarket Lending Pty Ltd
Business ID
64 605 231 669
Main Currency
Australian Dollar (AU$)
Headquarters Location
Founded Date
April 2015

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