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What is Farmfolio?

Farmfolio is run by Farmfolio Holdings LLC, headquatered in the Netherlands. Farmfolio is an Equity Crowdfunding platform, offering partial ownership of properties in exchange for participation in the proceeds from the rent collected from tenants and/or capital gains from the appreciation of the property value.

Farmfolio gives you the opportunity to provide funding to real estate developers by investing in real estate stocks. You can also apply for funding if you are a property developer yourself.

What does Farmfolio offer?

At Farmfolio, you can make USD-denominated investments starting from $25,000.

Farmfolio doesn’t disclose statistics about its funded loans and does not share its monthly funding volumes with P2PMarketData.

Farmfolio Details

Legal Company Name
Farmfolio Holdings LLC
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Main Currency
US Dollar ($)
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