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What is Crowdbooks?

Crowdbooks is operated by N2o S.R.L., headquatered in Italy. Crowdbooks is a Reward Crowdfunding platform, which means it allows users to fund individuals, projects or companies in exchange for non-monetary rewards.

Crowdbooks gives you the opportunity to provide funding to individuals and businesses by investing in rewards. You can also apply for funding if you an individual or a business owner yourself.

What does Crowdbooks offer?

At Crowdbooks, you can invest in projects denominated in EUR starting from €1.

Crowdbooks doesn’t disclose statistics about its funded loans and does not share its monthly funding volumes with P2PMarketData.

Crowdbooks Details

Legal Company Name
N2o S.R.L.
Business ID
Main Currency
Euro (€)
Headquarters Location
Founded Date
February 2016