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Last updated in August 2022.

What is Credimi?

Credimi is one of the largest marketplace lending platforms in Europe. It opened in 2021 and offers investments in business loans exclusively for institutional investors. It has funded €2,143.11m worth of loans to date - see Credimi statistics for more historical performance insights.

Key Takeaways

  • High-value company with strong backing from Italian venture capital
  • Large and long-term business loans offered to Italian businesses
  • Access restricted to institutional investors

Who is Behind Credimi?

Ignazio Rocco founded Credimi with “a team of young talents” and remains its CEO.

The founder, management and employees hold the majority of the shares in the company. However, Credimi is also backed with over €35 million in equity capital, over half of which comes from United Ventures and Vertis - a large Milan-based venture capital firm.

No financial statements are available on Credimi website.

Credimi's Investment Product

Credimi offers (investments in) long-term business loans. Two main loan types are Credimi Subito and Credimi Futuro. Subito involves loans of up to €1.5m, paid back within five years, and available to SMEs with at least €60,000 turnover. Futuro loans can be as big as €2m with five- or eight-year maturities and are given to more established companies with over €120,000 annual turnover. All investments are covered by a Guarantee Fund (Fondo di Garantia) - a public scheme to support SMEs’ access to credit.

The platform is only available to institutional investors such as banks and pension funds.

How Much Can You Earn?

Since Credimi is closed to retail investors, they don’t disclose any details about the interest rates or returns.

Other Considerations

Credimi is the second-largest alternative investment platform in our database, with over €2 billion invested since 2016.