P2P Lending & Equity Crowdfunding Statistics in South America

South American P2P Lending & Equity Crowdfunding Statistics. Crowinvesting market size by number of financing platforms and investment types.

Platforms per Investment Category

Platforms per Model

Direct Marketplace Lending


Equity Crowdfunding


Invoice Financing


Balance Sheet Lending


Donation Crowdfunding


Resale Marketplace Lending


Reward Crowdfunding


Crypto Lending


Crypto Tokenization

Country Flag Platforms Market Deep Dive
Brazil Brazils flag 5
Chile Chiles flag 5
Argentina Argentinas flag 4
Peru Perus flag 3
Colombia Colombias flag 2
Ecuador Ecuadors flag 2
Main Currency Platforms
Chilean Peso (CL$) 5
Brazilian Real (R$) 5
US Dollar ($) 5
Peruvian Nuevo Sol (S/.) 3
Colombian Peso (CO$) 2
Argentine Peso (AR$) 1

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