Notes on the database

The information in the p2pmarketdata database is researched and updated with the utmost care. However, no guarantee can be given for the accuracy and completeness of the information. Only data transparent platforms are included on the site.

The data is based on the following sources:

  • Publicly available information on the platforms
  • Direct information reported to us by the platforms
  • Official business registers
  • Input from the crowd
  • Press articles

When collecting data the following principles apply:

  • Information intended solely for the public is published and platforms not interested in sharing data removed (no insider information from closed investor circles)
  • Resilient data from the above mentioned primary sources (indication of the source, if secondary source is used)

For each project, the date of successful completion of the financing is recorded and the data counts from that date.  For projects that have collected money over a month, quarter or year, the volume is completely assigned to the month and year in which the financing was completed.


New incoming data and platforms are continuously updated. The date of the last update of the investment volume can be found at the top left above the table, as well as the month of the last update can be found in the bottom below the table. Additions and revisions can be submitted by anyone for us to review.

Only data transparent platforms

The open p2pmarketdata database covers all publicly available data transparent platforms. Currently "exclusive" club/syndicate deals (investment opportunities that are only offered to a selected investor base) are not taken into account. All platforms recorded can exist in every country of the world and will always be clearly displayed with a flag of the residency. Platforms sharing incorrect/misleading numbers are excluded from participating without further notice.