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Image of part ownership in Real Estate Crowdfunding
Raising funds
Real Estate Crowdfunding
The Ultimate Guide to Real Estate Crowdfunding: Everything You Need to Know
What are the benefits for real estate developers and investors? How does real estate crowdfunding work. Here is the ultimate guide about real estate crowdfunding for both beginners and experts!
Jonas Schmidt   •   February 8th, 2021
Image of a balance sheet lending book
Peer to Peer Lending
What is Balance Sheet Lending? How is it different from typical P2P Lending?
In balance sheet lending (also called portfolio lending), the platform entity provides a loan directly to a consumer or business borrower. The loan is on the platforms balance sheet. The loan process is direct, like working with a bank.
Jonas Schmidt   •   February 2nd, 2021
Image of a secondary marketplace in P2P Lending
Peer to Peer Lending
What Is a Secondary Market?
Secondary markets in peer-to-peer lending are marketplaces that allow you to buy and sell already funded loans after the repayment period has begun. Lenders use it to exit loans early. Investors use it to allocate or earn a return from re-selling.
Jonas Schmidt   •   February 2nd, 2021
Logo of Crypto Lending platform MyConstant
Peer to Peer Lending
Crypto Lending
MyConstant Review
MyConstant is a crypto lending platform that allows you to lend in various cryptocurrencies from Bitcoin to stablecoins or fiat. You can earn returns using the liquidity pool with instant withdrawal or the flexible p2p crypto lending option.
Stu Lustman   •   January 29th, 2021
Logo of P2P lending marketplace Viainvest
Peer to Peer Lending
Viainvest Review
Viainvest is a platform that brings together loans from VIA SMS Group’s loan originators based in six European countries. We examine if it stands out compared to other platforms based on a similar p2p lending model.
Jan Bednorz   •   January 27th, 2021
Picture of Gustas Germanavicius the Co-Founder of EvoEstate
Peer to Peer Lending
EvoEstate Interview with Co-founder Gustas Germanavicius
In this article, we talk with Gustas Germanavičius, Co-founder of EvoEstate, about his views on the real estate crowdfunding industry, what you can expect as an investor, and what the future brings for this real estate crowdfunding aggregator.
Jonas Schmidt   •   January 20th, 2021
Logo of blockchain based p2p lender Debitum Network
Peer to Peer Lending
Debitum Network Review
Debitum Network is a P2P lending platform that specialises in small business financing. It offers relatively high returns and extraordinary diligence and safety measures. Here we take a closer look at its unique business model.
Jan Bednorz   •   January 19th, 2021
Image of investor using p2p lending buyback guarantee
Peer to Peer Lending
What is Buyback Guarantee in P2P Lending?
In Peer-to-Peer lending, a buyback guarantee is a contract between the lender and the loan originator. Its purpose is to protect lenders against borrower defaults and reckless behavior. The loans is safety for investors, but does it work?
Jonas Schmidt   •   January 18th, 2021
Image of different P2P lending options
Peer to Peer Lending
How to Choose the Right P2P Lending Platform
There are dozens of P2P lending platforms out there. From large marketplaces offering a wide range of investments to niche, highly specialised firms; from well-established brands to ‘rising stars’ to (fortunately infrequent) scams. What is good?
Jan Bednorz   •   January 15th, 2021
The monthly funding report in December 2020 by P2PMarketData
International Funding Volumes December 2020
The Monthly Funding Report is tracking the monthly funding amounts of real estate crowdfunding, peer-to-peer & online marketplace lending platforms. This is the December 2020 report based on numbers reported to P2PMarketData.
Martin Christensen   •   January 14th, 2021
Picture of Ivaylo Ivanov the CEO of IUVO Group
Peer to Peer Lending
Interview with Ivaylo Ivanov – CEO of IUVO Group
In this article, we talk with Ivaylo Ivanov, CEO of Iuvo Group, about his views on the crowdfunding industry, what you can expect as an investor on Iuvo Group, and what the future will bring for the Estonian-based marketplace lender.
Martin Christensen   •   December 22nd, 2020
Logo of p2p lending marketplace Robocash
Peer to Peer Lending
Robocash Review
Robocash is a relatively new Peer-to-Peer lending platform by the financially strong Robocash Group. This loan originator marketplace targets European investors with short-term consumer loans originating mainly from emerging Asian economies.
Jan Bednorz   •   December 19th, 2020