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Lending crypto on Binance with Binance Earn
Crypto Lending
How To Lend Your Crypto on Binance
When it comes to crypto lending, we’ve mentioned that the platforms fall into either the DeFi or CeFi categories. Both are full of opportunities to lend at a profit, and I am going to discuss a CeFi opportunity with Binance today.
Stu Lustman   •   May 2nd, 2021
Picture of Yonko Chuklev the COO of Afranga
Peer to Peer Lending
Interview til Afranga COO – Yonko Chuklev
Afranga is a newly launched marketplace lending platform from the Bulgarian loan originator, Stikcredit. In this interview, we talk with Afranga COO Yonko Chuklev about the platform’s structure, business model and future plans.
Jonas Schmidt   •   April 26th, 2021
The first EU crowdfunding regulation
How is Crowdfunding Regulated in the European Union?
The European Council has approved the uniform pan-European regulation for crowdfunding which was in the making for several years. The EU cross-border crowdfunding regulation is adopted and published in the Official Journal of the European Union.
Eugene Ohotnikov   •   April 19th, 2021
Funny image of a crypto liquidity pool
Crypto Lending
What Are Liquidity Pools?
Why, as a P2P Investor, do you need to know about Liquidity Pools? The fastest-growing area of lending, and P2P investment opportunities, is in DeFi. And the foundation of how we lend in DeFi is through liquidity pools.
Stu Lustman   •   April 19th, 2021
Graph of the international p2p lending funding volumes during Coronavirus (Covid) 2020
P2P Lending Statistics in 2020: The Covid Impact
It was a bumpy ride for peer-to-peer lending in 2020 with the sector experiencing the biggest economic shot it has ever faced during the impact of Covid. P2P Lending Covid report based on numbers reported to P2PMarketData dating back to 2016.
Jan Bednorz   •   April 16th, 2021
The monthly funding report March 2021 by P2PMarketData
The Monthly Funding Report March 2021
What happened last month in P2P finance and crowdfunding? Which platforms are on the rise and which ones are falling behind? How has the sector performed over the last 12 months? We take a look at numbers reported to P2PMarketData in March 2021.
Jan Bednorz   •   April 12th, 2021
Picture of Jänis Kulikovskis the CEO of DoFinance
Peer to Peer Lending
Interview with DoFinance CEO – Jänis Kulikovskis
DoFinance is in the middle of restructuring their platform in the wake of problems induced by the Covid-19 pandemic. The CEO and Co-Founder Jänis Kulikovskis’ asked for an interview to try and explain the issues they are facing.
Jonas Schmidt   •   April 12th, 2021
Overview of earning interest with Stablecoins
Crypto Lending
How to Earn Interest on Stablecoins
Cryptocurrencies and decentralized finance, known as DeFi, are a new, intriguing investment option for p2p investors. Large volatility in crypto currencies is a dilemma for many lenders. Learn how to earn interest on Stablecoins in this article.
Stu Lustman   •   April 7th, 2021
Logo of Crypto Lending platform BlockFi
Peer to Peer Lending
Crypto Lending
BlockFi Review
BlockFi is one of the first crypto lending platforms to offer fixed rate savings accounts in a US regulated cryptocurrency business. Let’s deep-dive into the Crypto P2P Lending Platform BlockFi from an investors point of view.
Stu Lustman   •   April 6th, 2021
Picture of Narinder Khattoare
Peer to Peer Lending
Interview with Kuflink CEO – Narinder Khattoare
The Kuflink peer-to-peer lending platform was established in 2017 but is already an established player within UK-based property lending. We had a talk with Kuflink CEO Narinder Khattoare to learn more about his take on the P2P lending industry.
Jonas Schmidt   •   March 24th, 2021
Image displaying Decentralized Financing (DeFi) vs. Centralized Financing (CeFi)
Crypto Lending
CeFi vs DeFi: Which System is Better for Investing Your Money?
The most significant innovations in p2p lending and fixed income investing are happening in the cryptoeconomy. It is offered through two main types of platforms: Centralized Financing (CeFi) platforms or Decentralized Financing (DeFi) platforms.
Stu Lustman   •   March 21st, 2021
The Monthly P2P Funding Report in February 2021 by P2PMarketData
The Monthly Funding Report February 2021
What happened last month in P2P finance and crowdfunding? We take a look at numbers reported to P2PMarketData in February 2021 and dive deeper into this month’s special focus: platforms’ performance during the COVID downturn.
Jan Bednorz   •   March 15th, 2021