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Logo of P2P Lending marketplace Kviku
Peer to Peer Lending
Kviku Review
Kviku Finance is a P2P loan originator marketplace that offers investments in consumer loans. The lending opportunities on the platform come from Kviku Group’s portfolio of loan originator companies.
Jan Bednorz   •   June 5th, 2021
Logo of Peer-to-Peer lending platform Bondora
Peer to Peer Lending
Bondora Review
Bondora is a marketplace for peer-to-peer consumer lending that allows users to invest in loans granted through the Bondora Group to borrowers in Estonia, Finland and Spain. The most popular product is their loan portfolio called "Go & Grow".
Jan Bednorz   •   June 3rd, 2021
Logo of p2p property lending platform EstateGuru
Real Estate Crowdfunding
EstateGuru Review
EstateGuru is a direct peer-to-peer real estate lending platform that allows users to invest in loans granted on the platform directly to borrowers. All loans are backed by real estate or property development projects and the track record is good.
Jan Bednorz   •   June 3rd, 2021
Image of Peer-to-Peer trading in action
Crypto Lending
Intro to P2P Trading: How to easily get the Crypto you need for Lending
The cryptoeconomy is in my opinion one of the best places to lend your money. You can earn a good return and add diversification to your loan portfolio. But how do you get the crypto to lend out? One option is P2P Crypto Trading.
Stu Lustman   •   June 2nd, 2021
Investing in real estate tokens
Real Estate Crowdfunding
Invest in Real Estate Tokens
Real estate tokenization provides both project owners and investors with much more flexibility, increases the liquidity of real estate properties, and thus helps earn a higher yield. But is it a good idea? And how can you do even do it?
Eugene Ohotnikov   •   June 2nd, 2021
Picture of Zon Chu, the CEO of MyConstant
Crypto Lending
Interview with MyConstant CEO – Zon Chu
MyConstant is one of the leading CeFi platforms offering crypto-backed loans to investors. In this interview, MyConstant CEO Zon Chu explains how they use blockchain technology to offer loans secured by highly liquid collateral in the form of crypto.
Martin Christensen   •   May 24th, 2021
Image of researching the best SME business p2p lending sites
Peer to Peer Lending
The Best SME Business Lending Sites in Europe
Finding the right platform to use for business lending can be even more tricky than in the case of real estate crowdfunding. We look into six best choices in Europe based on the investment options and track record of past investment performance.
Jan Bednorz   •   May 17th, 2021
The monthly funding report of April 2021 by P2PMarketData
The Monthly Funding Report: April 2021
What happened last month in P2P finance and crowdfunding and how has the sector performed the last 12 months? We take a look at numbers reported to P2PMarketData April 2021 and dive deeper into this month’s special focus: the recent crypto craze.
Jan Bednorz   •   May 12th, 2021
Logo of p2p property lending platform LandlordInvest
Peer to Peer Lending
Real Estate Crowdfunding
LandlordInvest Review
LandlordInvest has been around since 2014 and, although it hasn’t reached high volumes and remained somewhat in the shade, it has a very good track record and offers exceptionally high interest rates. Is it the right choice for you?
Jan Bednorz   •   May 11th, 2021
Picture of Koen The, the CEO of Lendahand
Peer to Peer Lending
Interview with Lendahand CEO – Koen The
In this interview, we talk with Lendahand CEO Keon The about why he decided to leave the traditional banking world to start the social impact lending company Lendahand, how investing on Lendahand works and much more.
Martin Christensen   •   May 8th, 2021
Logo of P2P lending marketplace Profitus
Peer to Peer Lending
Real Estate Crowdfunding
Profitus Review
Profitus can be seen as an alternative to more popular and larger real estate crowdfunding platforms, although it comes with some small but bothersome flaws. Let’s check if it’s worth your time and money.
Jan Bednorz   •   May 3rd, 2021
Lending crypto on Binance with Binance Earn
Crypto Lending
How To Lend Your Crypto on Binance
When it comes to crypto lending, we’ve mentioned that the platforms fall into either the DeFi or CeFi categories. Both are full of opportunities to lend at a profit, and I am going to discuss a CeFi opportunity with Binance today.
Stu Lustman   •   May 2nd, 2021