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Picture of Viktorija Vanagė as CEO of Profitus
Peer to Peer Lending
Real Estate Crowdfunding
Interview with Profitus CEO - Viktorija Vanagė
Profitus is one of the leading real estate crowdfunding platform in Lithuania. In this interview, Profitus CEO Viktorija Vanagė explains how she sees real estate crowdfunding, the impact of Covid on Prfitus, the future ahead and much more.
Jonas Schmidt   •   August 2nd, 2021
Image of Celsius versus Nexo
Peer to Peer Lending
Crypto Lending
Nexo vs Celsius: A Comparison of Crypto Lending Platforms
Cryptocurrency lending is a great opportunity for p2p lenders. It’s also potentially confusing. Here is a comprehensive comparison of the best and worst features of the two largest cryptocurrency lending platforms: Nexo and Celsius.
Stu Lustman   •   August 1st, 2021
Logo Symbol of Crypto Lender Celsius
Peer to Peer Lending
Crypto Lending
Celsius Review
Celsius provides liquidity pool style investing so your funds go into the pool and they are loaned out to others. Celsius offers fixed-rate savings accounts in a regulated cryptocurrency business. Let’s take a look at the services Celsius offers.
Stu Lustman   •   July 31st, 2021
Logo Symbol of Crypto Lender Nexo
Peer to Peer Lending
Crypto Lending
Nexo Review
Nexo offers fixed-rate savings accounts in an EU-regulated cryptocurrency business. Nexo loans your money like a bank does. Nexo puts your funds into a liquidity pool and loans it out to the borrowers. Let’s take a look at the services Nexo offers.
Stu Lustman   •   July 27th, 2021
Image of a fence protecting investor funds
Peer to Peer Lending
Real Estate Crowdfunding
Ring-Fence and Protection of Investor Funds
In the Crowdfunding context, a ring-fence is the act of segregating investor funds from assets of the platform. It serves the purpose of creating a barrier against any claims to a platform itself for the protection of investor funds.
Eugene Ohotnikov   •   July 18th, 2021
Logo Symbol of Peer to Peer lender Viventor
Peer to Peer Lending
Viventor Review
Viventor has been doing well, delivering high returns and avoiding serious problems, until the pandemic-induced stress test kicked in. Last year has been marred with troubles. Does Viventor remain a good high-yield option after the COVID crisis?
Jan Bednorz   •   July 16th, 2021
Logo Symbol of Peer-to-Peer lender Swaper
Peer to Peer Lending
Swaper Review
Swaper lists loans from its parent company – Wandoo. It offers high interest rates and attractive buyback conditions. Issues of diversification and transparency cast some shade on its reliability though. What’s the balance?
Jan Bednorz   •   July 14th, 2021
Logo of Peer to Peer lender Crowdestor
Peer to Peer Lending
Crowdestor Review
Over 20% ROI on (unsecured) business loans seems too good to be true. With the majority of loans in delay or default, Crowdestor is unlikely to sustain such a ROI over the long term. Can it prove that its business model is sustainable?
Jan Bednorz   •   July 14th, 2021
The monthly funding report in June 2021
The Monthly Funding Report: June 2021
What happened last month in Peer-to-Peer lending and real estate crowdfunding? We take a look at numbers reported to P2PMarketData in June 2021 and dive deeper into this month’s special focus: the post-pandemic acceleration of business lending.
Jan Bednorz   •   July 12th, 2021
Crypto holder making a Peer to Peer governance decision on a protocol
Crypto Lending
Peer to Peer Governance in Crypto: How Public Digital Assets Make Decisions
Governance is something traditional peer-to-peer lenders don’t spend much time thinking about. And it makes sense why we don’t. After all, most of the platforms we use are private companies and have their own private decision-making processes.
Stu Lustman   •   July 7th, 2021
Logo of Peer to Peer lender Blend
Peer to Peer Lending
Real Estate Crowdfunding
Blend Network Review
BLEND Network has flourished during the COVID crisis, funding record-high volumes, consistently delivering high returns to its investors, and shielding them from losses. If you seek good earnings on secured UK-based property, keep reading!
Jan Bednorz   •   July 6th, 2021
Logo of Peer to Peer lending platform IUVO Group
Peer to Peer Lending
IUVO Group Review
IUVO is a daughter company of a large holding company focused on Eastern European markets. It offers investments in several currencies and has proved to be relatively shock-proof, going swiftly through the 2020 turmoil.
Jan Bednorz   •   July 5th, 2021