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Statistics of Crowdfunding in Europe by Country
Crowdfunding in Europe: Market Size by Country & Finance Model (2019)
Crowdfunding in Europe consists of different types of alternative financing of which p2p consumer lending with a 42% market cap is the largest. The highest funding volume still originates from the UK followed by France, Germany and the Netherlands.
Jonas Schmidt   •   June 5th, 2019
Peer-to-Peer Business Lending Worldwide
Peer to Peer Lending
P2P Business Lending: Investing in Business Loans
Business crowdlending or p2p business lending is a type of lending-based crowdfunding where individuals or institutional funders will provide a loan to a business borrower – typically a small or medium-sized enterprise.
Jonas Schmidt   •   May 25th, 2019
Lending Peer-to-Peer to a consumer borrower
Peer to Peer Lending
Consumer Crowdlending: From Niche to Mass Market
Consumer crowdlending or p2p consumer lending covers unsecured loans to private individuals funded by either individuals. The loans can have a high variety of possible uses, such as loans for cars, refinancing, travel, wedding, or student loans.
Jonas Schmidt   •   May 20th, 2019
How to earn passive income with P2P Lending
Peer to Peer Lending
24 Ways to Make Money With P2P Lending in Europe
24 ideas to make money and earn passive income with P2P Lending in Europe. Earn interest by lending your Euro to SME Businesses, Real Estate Developers, Consumers and other alternative investments all over Europe.
Martin Christensen   •   April 6th, 2019
Peer-to-Peer Lending Skin in the Game
Peer to Peer Lending
What is P2P Lending “Skin in the Game”?
Skin in the game in p2p lending is a term used to describe the situation where P2P loan originators are risking losing their own money together with lenders buying their approved loans. The skin in the game is usually between 5 % and 15 %.
Jonas Schmidt   •   March 23rd, 2019
The different Peer-to-Peer Lending Business Models
Peer to Peer Lending
The Two Peer-to-Peer Lending Business Models
Have you also noticed there are different online lending models in the so-called P2P Lending market? This short article will take you through the differences in the two ways of lending money to strangers online and provide you with a useful guide.
Jonas Schmidt   •   March 20th, 2019
The key to diversification in Peer-to-Peer Lending
Peer to Peer Lending
Diversification in P2P Lending
What is Diversification? Diversification is a risk management technique used to create variety in the investments of your portfolio. The idea behind diversification techniques to manage risks resides in Peer-to-Peer Lending is very valid.
Jonas Schmidt   •   March 15th, 2019
The two different investment structures in Peer-to-Peer Lending
Peer to Peer Lending
Indirect and Direct Investment Structure in Peer to Peer Lending
The importance of investment structure in peer-to-peer lending is often overlooked, but how the loans you are investing in are structured can have a massive impact on your risk as an investor. Learn how to know the differences in structures.
Jonas Schmidt   •   March 14th, 2019
A loan originator in Peer-to-Peer Lending
Peer to Peer Lending
What is a Loan Orginator in P2P Lending?
In peer-to-peer lending, a Loan Originator (LO) is a sales entity that uses marketing to acquire borrowers looking for a loan. Loan originators are acting as the fourth part in the peer-to-peer lending process and it carries a different risk.
Jonas Schmidt   •   March 1st, 2019