Mocasa Review

November 9th, 2021
6 minutes read
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Access to Asian fast-developing markets through a new EU-based platform


Launch Date2021
Total investment volume4.156 Euro
Average annual interest13.4%
Minimum Investment€10
Investment feesNone
Who’s eligible to investEU and UK bank account holders
Investment typeShort-term consumer loans
Secondary marketNo
Auto-invest functionYes
Investor protectionBuyback guarantee
Website languagesEnglish



  • Emerging markets exposure
  • Trial funds
  • Experienced management


  • No track record
  • Not a financial company
  • A lot of information missing

Pros explained

  • Mocasa’s main selling point is undoubtedly its market exposure. The Philippines, Vietnam and Bangladesh are massive, fast-growing and high-yield markets – an excellent diversification away from somewhat lower-risk and lower-interest developed EU markets.
  • Once you register on Mocasa, you can use €5,000 of “trial funds” to explore and invest in available loans without risking your capital. You can use the funds for 7 days and withdraw or reinvest the interests generated in this period under the condition that you invest at least €200 for 90 days. It’s an interesting solution by a brand-new platform to attract investors and build trust.
  • The management team brings in a solid amount of experience and expertise in corporate development, digital services, consulting, and, to a lesser extent, fintech. The CEO has worked before with European companies, ensuring a degree of understanding of the local market and customers’ needs.

Cons explained

  • The platform just launched in September 2021, so it naturally has no historical record to show. But Thor Group, which runs Mocasa, doesn’t have a solid track record in the financial sector either. They started their first credit services in 2019 in the Philippines and Vietnam, while the Bangladesh branch opened in March 2021.
  • The Group is not a fintech company. They operate in the wide world of Internet services and run a mobile gaming venture, an e-commerce platform, and a dating app. Even though experienced and seemingly competent, the management also largely lacks financial background (except for the most junior member).
  • The Mocasa website is quite… empty. There’s very little you can learn about how the trial funds, a secondary market, or an auto-invest function work. Browsing loans isn’t convenient either (no filtering options). Not to mention the lack of insights into the financial situation of either the platform or the Group.

Who is behind Mocasa?

Claire Cheung is Mocasa’s CEO. She used to lead the Investment and Financing department of the Thor Group. She was educated in Paris and worked as a consultant for several multinational corporations there. The rest of the team includes Frank Lee – Advisory Board Director with an MBA diploma and rich experience in tech and digital services, Victoria Wu (marketing), and  Amiel de Sotto (business development).

Three loan originators are listed at Mocasa (all affiliated with Thor Group) and include:

  • Philippine Cashtrout Lending Corporation, which offers mobile-based credit services to individuals and SMEs in the Philippines
  • Microwish Pawnshop Services Company Limited, providing short-term pawn loans to Vietnamese customers
  • Thunder Light Technology Limited, which extends short-term credit to individual borrowers in Bangladesh

Claire Cheung has shared with us in an interview that the Group will soon onboard a fourth loan originator, SunLoan Lending Investors Corporation – another Philippine lending company. She also announced that more loan originators and assets will be gradually added to the platform’s offer.

On the Mocasa website, we read that Thor Group “had received $100 million in investment from a number of established institutional investors, including Lightspeed Venture Partners, Rakuten Ventures, JAFCO Asia and Gobi Partners.” One can also learn that the Group’s credit companies have issued over €200m since launch, even though the total funding volumes for each loan originator add up to €93m. That’s still a lot for only two years in business, but the inconsistency is worrying.

What does Mocasa offer?

The three loan originators offer slightly different investment products:

  • The Philippine loans range from PHP 6 to 60k (€100-1,000), last up to 24 months and offer 11-15% interest rates.
  • The Vietnamese pawn loans can amount to VND 1.5-12m (€50-450), have maturities of up to 90 days and return 11-14%.
  • The Bangladeshi payday loans are issued for between BDT 2 and 10k (€20-100) for up to 30 days. Interest rates range from 11% to 13%.

How much can you earn?

The Group doesn’t publicly share any historical track record on loan performance, but Mocasa CEO Claire Cheung told us the average return stands at 13.4%. This is in line with what you might expect based on 11 and 15% interest rates and a full buyback guarantee. Such relatively high yields are just what you’d expect from investing in emerging economies.

You can make a substantial extra profit if you take full advantage of all Mocasa’s promotions: 1% cashback on investment during the first 90 days, 1-2% additional interest if you refer a friend, and all you can make on your trial funds. 

Who is Mocasa best for?

Right now, for adventurous investors who are seeking new, exciting, and high-return opportunities. But if Mocasa’s model proves resilient, it might be an excellent diversification option for many Europe-focused portfolios.

How to invest at Mocasa?

Mocasa doesn’t share much information about the sign-up process either. The registration form is pretty short and standard. Since the platform complies with EU AML rules, you probably need to verify your identity at some point. We know from our interview with Mocasa’s CEO that automatic investing is possible but there are no clues on the website on what criteria you can set to create your customised auto-invest portfolio. 


Mocasa has just entered the European crowdfunding scene with certainly unusual products and a unique business model. Time will tell how their loans perform and if they manage to build a reputation. For now, I’d encourage Mocasa to improve its transparency and provide more information for investors about the platform’s offer and features. As Mocasa joins the P2PMarketData database, we will monitor their funding volumes, performance, and other developments. Stay tuned!

Stay updated with monthly updated statistics and information on the dedicated Mocasa Information Page.


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