24 Ways to Make Money With P2P Lending in Europe

April 6th, 2019
3 minutes read

24 ideas to make money and earn passive income with P2P Lending in Europe. Earn interest by lending your Euro to SME Businesses, Real Estate Developers, Consumers and other alternative investments all over Europe. All opportunities are available to anyone with a European bank account.

1. Lend directly to Real Estate developers in Spain, Italy and Portugal at Housers

Loans on Housers are backed with Real Estate as collateral

2. Buy agricultural loan notes issued to Latvian farmers with security against grain sale contracts by AgroCredit at Mintos

Loans from AgroCredit on Mintos uses grain sale contracts as collateral 

3. Lend directly to SME businesses in Ireland at Flender

On the Irish platform Flender, you can earn interest by lending directly to SME companies

4. Buy pawnbroking loan notes issued to Belgian citizens by Sofia Commerce Pawnshops at Viventor

Invest in pawnbroking loan notes and other types of p2p lending at the Belgian platform Viventor

5. Lend directly to Real Estate in Austria at Rendity

6. Lend directly to Real Estate developers all over Europe at EstateGuru

7. Buy invoices in Euro directly from SME Businesses at Debitum Network

8. Lend USD or stable coins directly to Crypto enthusiasts  worldwide with 75+ different Crypto as collateral at Constant

Lend USD or stable coins to crypto holders worldwide at MyConstant. 

9. Buy Short-Term Consumer Loan notes issued by 40+ different loan originators from all over the world at Mintos

10. Lend directly to Slovak citizens at ZLTY Melon

11. Lend directly to Real Estate developers in Estonia and Italy at Crowdestate

Loans on Crowdestate are backed with Italian or Estonian Real Estate as collateral

12. Lend directly to Estonian P2P Lending Platform Bondora at a maximum interest of 6,75%

13. Buy Car Loan Notes issued to drivers in 9 different countries by Mogo Finance at Mintos

14. Lend directly to Italian businesses at Criptalia

15. Lend directly to SME Businesses in Germany, Latvia, Russia and United Kingdom at Crowdestor

16. Lend directly to Real Estate developers in United Kingdom at Landlordinvest

Loans on Crowdestate are backed with UK Real Estate as collateral

17. Buy consumer loan notes from Latvia, Poland, Russia, Kazakhstan and Vietnam at Twino

18. Lend directly to SME Businesses borderlessly in Euro at Debitum Network

19. Lend & buy shares directly in SME businesses within multiple European countries at TFG Crowd

Invest in loans to European SME companies on the TFG crowd platform

20. Lend directly to the loan originators Easycredit, VivaCredit, iCredit, BBG, Fast Finance and customize cashflow according to loan notes at IUVO Group

21. Lend directly to SME Businesses in France at October

Invest in loans to French SME companies on the platform October

22. Buy Consumer Loan Notes issued to individuals in Czech Republic, Latvia, Poland, Romania, Spain & Sweden at Viainvest

23. Lend directly to real estate companies in Lithuania with Profitus

24. Lend directly to persons and SME’s in Finland, Poland, Denmark, Sweden, Germany and Czechia at Fellow Finance